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The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet

March 24, 2021 Season 1 Episode 3
Hidden Compass: The Podcast
The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet
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And just like that, we’re at our third episode of Hidden Compass, The Podcast! Each week, Hidden Compass co-founders and podcast co-hosts Sivani Babu and Sabine K. Bergmann bring you stories from their award-winning magazine, and go behind the scenes with each storyteller to see what inspired them to venture to the frontiers of courage and curiosity. This first season, our theme is “In Pursuit of Phantoms.”

This episode’s story is “The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet” by writer, editor, photojournalist, and documentary filmmaker Jodi Cash. Jodi speaks with Sabine and Sivani about the power of choosing pride over shame, the transformation that comes from empowered women and planted seeds, and the illegal substances we stumble upon when reporting on fish. But first, sit back and journey with us, as Jodi brings us to Moravia, a Medellín neighborhood that not only shows us what we can overcome, but also that we can never forget “The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet.”

Storyteller: Writer, editor, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Jodi Cash is on a quest for characters. Her work sheds light on pot-smugglers in Florida, foraged food in Atlanta, and her own lockdown in Barcelona, Spain. Visit her website http://www.jodicash.com, and her Hidden Compass profile at https://hiddencompass.net/journalist/jodi-cash.

To support Jodi, you can visit https://www.thegreenflashdocumentary.com to learn more about her upcoming documentary, and buy Concrete Jungle: A Foraged Fruit Cookbook at https://shop.concrete-jungle.org/.

Story: “The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet” first appeared in the winter 2017 issue of Hidden Compass, The Magazine as a feature in our Portrait department. See the full story, which includes photos taken by Jodi Cash herself, at https://hiddencompass.net/story/the-beauty-and-violence-beneath-our-feet.

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Be on the lookout for episode four next week, when we’ll go back in time 565 million years, and speak with Daniel Hudon about “The Medusa of Time.”

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