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Awakening the Canopy

March 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 2
Hidden Compass: The Podcast
Awakening the Canopy
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Welcome back to Hidden Compass, The Podcast! Each week, Hidden Compass co-founders and podcast co-hosts Sivani Babu and Sabine K. Bergmann bring you stories from their award-winning magazine and go behind the scenes with each storyteller to see what inspired them to venture to the frontiers of courage and curiosity. Season 1’s theme is “In Pursuit of Phantoms.”

This episode’s story is “Awakening the Canopy” by our very own Sabine K. Bergmann, who speaks with Sivani about the wisdom of our ancestors, efforts to revive lost languages, and why our current moment feels a little like a giant island of cheese. But first, sit back and journey with us, as Sabine follows groundbreaking linguists to remote villages around the globe where they are tapping into the wisdom of endangered voices and "Awakening the Canopy."

Storyteller: Sabine K. Bergmann is the co-founder and co-CEO of Hidden Compass, and an award-winning travel, science, and nature journalist. She's interviewed earthquake survivors and astrophysicists, been a delegate at the United Nations, and listened first-hand to oral traditions passed down through millennia of indigenous history. Check out Sabine's website at https://www.sabinekbergmann.com and her Hidden Compass profile at www.hiddencompass.net/journalist/sabine-bergmann.

Story: “Awakening the Canopy” first appeared in the summer 2020 issue of Hidden Compass, The Magazine in our Quest department. It won bronze at the 15th Annual Solas Awards in Travel and Transformation. Read the full story, listen to the endangered languages profiled in the piece, and see the beautiful painting by Candace Rose Rardon commissioned specifically for this story here: https://hiddencompass.net/story/awakening-the-canopy.

The stunning feature illustration was created by writer, artist, visual storyteller, and unofficial cultural anthropologist Candace Rose Rardon. To see more of her work, visit https://www.candaceroserardon.com/

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